Gary Barnett - ArtistArtist's Statement

“When I first began drawing and painting, like most artists I was inspired and motivated by nature. I began painting trees, landscapes and people. I soon came to realize that whether I created abstract or real images, I was still simply imitating life, rather than actually creating natural beauty. My goal became to create art the way nature does.

I began developing my own style of painting, by combining principles of nature, art and science. I started using forced air, chemical interactions and natural forces to control the paint, as opposed to brushes, or other traditional painting tools. This technique was inspired by the way that nature creates natural beauty, for example frost on a window, rock formations or under water life forms.

I treat the paint as a living organism and like all forms of life, it needs to be nurtured as it evolves, grows and changes into something unique. The end result is somewhat unpredictable, just as life is.

In essence, my goal is to create a natural event on the canvas, in a completely organic way, much the same way that nature creates the intricate and complex patterns throughout the universe.”

Synthesis No. 15 - Gary Barnett ARTRecent Work

Using Chemistry and Energy to Create

I've titled my new series "Synthesis" which literally means "The production of chemical compounds by reaction from similar materials". I think this describes this series perfectly. It is the result of combining various paints, chemicals and acyclic bases together to create a unique and exciting visual reaction.

The connection between art, nature and science is where I get my inspiration.

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Gary Barnett - Artist

Synthesis No. 15 - Gary Barnett ART

Gary Barnett - Artist

Synthesis No. 15 - Gary Barnett ART