Drawing at an early age piqued Gary’s interest in art. During the 1970’s he studied fine art and graphic design at the college and university level, then began a career in abstract painting. During the following years he developed a unique style of painting and began showing his work in many art galleries in the Toronto, Kitchener and the surrounding area with great success.
After working for 25 years as a graphic designer and website developer he returned to his career of painting to pickup where he left off.
In essence his goal is to create a natural event on the canvas, in a completely organic way; much the same way nature creates the intricate and complex patterns throughout the universe.
Gary was a member of the Art District Gallery Co-operative in Kitchener from 2016 to 2017 and has recently joined the Greater Napanee Area Arts Association, after re-locating to Napanee this summer.
He continues to paint and show his work in local galleries, and is active in the art community.
For more information about his style of painting visit his Artist’s Statement page.