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Murder At Sunset

July 17, 2020 New Work

Murder At Sunset When Alfred Hitchcock meets Agatha Christie – Acrylic on canvas.

I’ve started a new series of floral paintings, using a variety of pouring techniques to create flowers rather than traditional painting tools.

Online Art Store

May 20, 2020 New Work

I’m excited to announce my new online art store, with many of my recent and older original paintings. Also canvas prints of my paintings and my digital art. Apply the coupon code ART15 and receive an introductory 15% discount offer.

Digital Art

December 30, 2019 New Work

Digital Composite A digital composite combines two (or more) photographs to create one final image. With the advent of digital photography, digital editing, and an ever-expanding set of features and tools available, an infinite number of possibilities are available. This technique could be considered to be a new form of collage, using digital images and […]

Timeless Series These paintings are part of my “Timeless” series. I worked on them over a 6 month period from January to July 2019. I start by creating a frame, or tray around the board and then pour acrylic paint, opalescent paints and other materials into it. Next I pour in a thick layer of liquid […]

Presence of Light

January 29, 2019 New Work

This painting is part of my “Timeless” series. This technique is creating by adding multiple layers of acrylic and iridescent paints. The paint is suspended inside liquid glass. My goal is to create a painting in 3D.  The Timeless series is inspired by nature trapped in time, such as ice or crystals. For me looking […]

Tempered Steel Heart

November 18, 2018 New Work

I’ve titled this painting “Tempered Steel Heart”, as it was inspired by the cold, reflective quality of metal. Beneath the hard exterior of all things lies a heart or core, where energy or life emanates from. Discovering this energy, inspires my to paint.