When I first began drawing and painting, like most artists I was inspired and motivated by nature. I used to paint trees, landscapes and people. I soon came to realize that no matter how real I created my images, or how abstract I made them, I was still simply imitating life, rather than actually creating “natural beauty”. I was inspired by frost on a window, water changing the shape of rocks, more specifically how beauty is created in nature. I began studying various areas of science from Biology to Physics, in an attempt to better understand this process.
That’s when I realized that the universe and all organic life is just chemistry being affected by energy or natural forces. The only way I believe I can ever create “natural beauty”, as opposed to just imitating life, is to use these forces to control the paint.
It was this transition that lead me to where I am today with my style of painting. My goal will always be to find new ways to appreciate and understand natural beauty and try to re-create it as art.