• Essence of Pearl
    Acrylic paints, opalescent & mother of pearl paint on canvas.
  • Accelerator No. 2
    Acrylic paints on canvas
  • Synthesis Series
    Mixed acrylics and chemicals on panel board
  • Seismic Attenuation
    Phase II Series
  • Breaking Through
    Starlight Series
  • Origin No.1
    Starlight Series
  • Starlight No. 2
    Starlight Series
  • Synthesis Series
  • Dawn
    Dawn Series
  • Origin No. 2
    Starlight Series
  • Synthesis Series
  • Synthesis Series
  • Pyroclastic Metamorphosis
    Terraform Series

Latest News

Floral Paintings

January 29, 2020 News

I’ve started a new series of floral paintings, using a variety of pouring techniques to create flowers rather than traditional painting tools.


Using Chemistry and Energy to Create

I've titled my new series "Synthesis" which literally means "The production of chemical compounds by reaction from similar materials". I think this describes this series perfectly. It is the result of combining various paints, chemicals and acyclic bases together to create a unique and exciting visual reaction.

The connection between art, nature and science is where I get my inspiration.

Visit the Synthesis Gallery to see the entire series.

New Series


Acrylic, Opalescent and Mother of Pearl Paint

In this series I'm exploring the reflective quality of opalescent paints, including pearl, mother of pearl and more. 

Visit the Pearl Gallery to view the series.

Upcoming Events

  • Stoney Steps Artfest
    17 Feb 2020
    First annual fine art show and sale. June 20, 2020 Stoney Steps Artfest is a juried outdoor show fea...
  • Artfest Kingston 2020
    16 Feb 2020
    Summer Art & Craft Festival July 1 – July 4, 2020 Wednesday (Canada Day) 10am-6pm, Thursda...
  • Fantasy In The Forest
    19 Jan 2020
    25th Annual Fantasy In The Forest Art Show & Sale July 18th & 19th, 2020 10 am – 5 pm...
  • 43rd Buckhorn Arts Festival
    03 Dec 2019
    43rd Buckhorn Festival of the Arts August 15 & 16, 2020 I’m excited to announce I will be...
  • Art Classes
    16 Oct 2019
    Art Classes & Workshops I’m offering workshops teaching my style of paint pouring, and som...
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